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Lorde全新单曲《Perfect Places》拯救迷途的心灵

Lorde全新单曲《Perfect Places》治愈你的心灵

总带给人以神秘气息的Lorde,在发布了单曲《Green Light》和《Liability》后,昨日又悄悄地上架了专辑中的全新单曲《Perfect Places》!在这几次公开的单曲中让我们看见了不同音乐面向的Lorde,与以往相当不同,甚至有些歌迷表示:「还我以前的Lorde」,不过J编反倒认为这是相当具有突破性的进展,况且,Lorde 从现在到未来都将只会有一个,她的Vocal 是无可取代地。

Lorde全新单曲《Perfect Places》治愈你的心灵
Lorde全新单曲《Perfect Places》治愈你的心灵
Lorde全新单曲《Perfect Places》治愈你的心灵


两个月前所公开的单曲〈Liability〉至今已将近突破千万点击率,感受得出来粉丝们对Lorde 睽违许久的狂热,这首〈Liability〉充分展现了她柔情的灵魂,在她刚硬冰冷的外表下,藏着的不过是个对爱渴望的单纯女孩。


清澈的钢琴声在背景打造了个仿佛与世无争的空间,只有Lorde 和她自己,「生活不是为了等待暴风通过,而是为了学习在雨中跳舞」,Lorde 用像是与自己对话的呢喃方式诠释了整首歌曲,令人揪心却也感同身受,「世界上有一种你永远不该搞砸的爱,那就是对自己的爱」。

关于昨天曝光的新单曲〈Perfect Places〉,Lorde其实是想透过一则自己的故事来传达「人生中没有所谓最完美的地位、地方,跟随自己的心,你心中最向往的那个终点,就是你的Perfect Places」的意念。

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Lorde 所分享的故事原文:

today, PERFECT PLACES is out in the world. this is a special one. i was living in new york during summer last year, writing melodrama – i’d ride across the brooklyn bridge every day, or sit on the subway uptown in the heat , then go back home to new zealand winter for a week at a time to party with my friends. my life was like a weird little etch-a-sketch i kept scribbling on and resetting. and all last summer, i couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone i knew or saw was searching for something – trying to transcend the news and the screaming pavements, drinking that one drink hoping it’d get them someplace higher. this song comes from that endless cycle of evenings and the violent heat of the summer. it took us a very long time to get right, from an aching piano demo to where is it now. it’s close to my heart. i hope you like it.


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